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At White River Credit Union, we help one another. "People helping people" is our motto. We’ve been in your neck of the woods for 60 years, and have a stake in seeing this community and its people prosper.


We’re Hiring

Did you play “office” as a kid? Do you love being the behind-the-scenes support that makes everything run smoothly?  Do you enjoy investigating solutions to problems? Then this might be the role just for you. White River Credit Union is looking for a part time (up to 29 hours per week) Account Specialist.

Responsibilities include:
Provide excellent member service, confidentiality and accuracy. Attention to detail required. Must exhibit exceptional service to our membership while performing duties within Credit Union guidelines. Recognize member needs for financial services and cross-sell/refer accordingly. Must be a friendly, self-motivated and positive person who works well as a cooperative team member and takes initiative in problem solving, and possesses a desire to volunteer and be involved in the local community. Employment contingent upon a background screen.

Please Send Employment Application & Resume to White River Credit Union — Attention: Sadie – PO Box 35 – Enumclaw, WA – 98022 –  360-825-4833 ext. 1104.

Applications available at White River Credit Union, at (Our Forms), Employment Application or via email request to  Closes: 05.26.15

10 Smart Money Moves for Your 20s

If you’re in your 20s, you have a financial asset money can’t buy–time. And time makes your money grow. Making some smart money moves in your 20s pays off now and in the future. Here’s a list of 10 smart money moves for twenty-somethings:

1. Set financial goals, say, to take a vacation, go back to school, get married, buy a house, or start saving for an early retirement. Put your goals in writing, then calculate how much you’ll need to save each month to reach them.

2. Make a spending plan, limit your debt, and concentrate on paying off existing bills. Limit debt to your ability to repay. Monthly credit payments, excluding a mortgage, shouldn’t exceed 20% of your monthly take-home (after-tax) pay.

3. Build an emergency fund equal to three to six months’ living expenses, even if it takes years to build. Use this fund only for true emergencies, such as unexpected car repairs, illness, or unemployment.

4. Save at least 10% of gross income for your emergency fund, future goals, and retirement. If you can’t manage 10%, start with 5% and increase it over time.

5. Take advantage of the services White River Credit Union offers. You’ll earn more when you save and pay less when you borrow.

6. Make it a priority to get adequate health, disability, auto, personal liability, and tenants’ or homeowners’ insurance. If someone else depends on your income, you also need life insurance.

7. Once you’ve implemented your spending plan, built your emergency fund, and obtained appropriate insurance, make the most of your money by starting to invest. The key to making the most of your money is investing small amounts gradually and sensibly over time.

8. Use tax-advantaged savings plans your employer or the government offers to save money for your retirement, such as company 401(k) retirement savings plans and individual retirement accounts at White River Credit Union.

9. Keep job options open by keeping your job skills fresh. Get necessary training and education so your knowledge and skills stay up to date.

10.  Maintain orderly financial files to keep track of your money and put your hands on important records when you need them.

Thank You Mom!

A gift from the heart!

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Thoughtful Gifts for Mom

If buying a thoughtful and unique Mother’s Day gift poses a challenge for you every year, here’s a helpful list of suggestions that may lead you to the perfect gift for mom:

Fitness Mom – Wearable technology is hot right now, and items made by companies such as Jawbone, Nike, Garmin and Fitbit allow us to monitor our fitness and health 24/7. Of course we cannot forget the recently announced Apple Watch.

Cinephile Mom – The world renowned Seattle International Film Festival begins May 14, with passes and ticket packages on sale right now at

Fashionista Mom – It’s really the accessories that make the outfit, and every fashion-forward mom needs great organizers for her accessories. Check out for earring stands, ring holders, scarf organizers and jewelry boxes that fit her style and personality.

Foodie Mom – You can’t go wrong with brunch at her favorite restaurant. Call as soon as possible to reserve a table for your party.

Sentimental Mom – Create a custom photo book full of fun family memories from the past year. There are several sites online that make it easy to create a unique layout. Try,, or

Telltale Signs of a Bad Car Loan

Many consumers know how to get a good price on loan. Fewer, however, know how to ensure their loan is fair.

The amount of auto loan debt hit record highs in 2014, partly because these days auto dealerships are making the majority of their profits on financing–not the sale itself.

Here are some signs of bad auto loan:

* Auto loan markups. In some instances, dealers receive a kickback for steering shoppers into high-interest loan from pricey third-party lenders. [Editor's note: If you offer indirect lending, explain its availability to your members and encourage them to finance through you at a dealership.]

* Yo-yo financing. This occurs when you take the car home and the dealer calls to tell you something was wrong with the “conditional” sale. The object is to try to get you to sign a more expensive loan. If this happens, return the car and go somewhere else. You should also report the incident to the state attorney general.

* Charges you don’t understand. This is called “loan packing” and occurs when dealers add aftermarket “add on” products you don’t need.

* Your loan is from a captive lender. Also known as a nonbank auto finance company, these companies most often give loans to consumers with no or poor credit histories with interest rates much higher than from the credit union.

If you fear your auto loan is bad, see us about refinancing. And if you’re going to buy a car, first get preapproved for an auto loan, which will ensure you never have to experience a bad car loan.

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