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At White River Credit Union, we help one another. "People helping people" is our motto. We’ve been in your neck of the woods for 60 years, and have a stake in seeing this community and its people prosper.

Our credit union began serving the folks on the plateau who harvested our timber. We knew their families, their trials and their dreams. As their families grew, we grew along with them. And, as proud members of the Enumclaw community, we’d like to think that we’ve retained our small-town values and our reputation for doing business the right way.

Ask around: You’ll never find more personable, professional and courteous service than what we offer at White River Credit Union.

And we've got the photos to prove it.


Card deactivated phishing scam

If you have been contacted that your card has been deactivated and then asked to enter your card number or other personal information, this is a scam. White River Credit Union will never initiate a phone call and then ask for personal information. If you have any questions, please feel free to call 360.825.4833.

Fraudulent Text Message Phishing Scam

We have been notified that members have been receiving text messages to their mobile phones, stating that their Credit Union debit or credit card has been blocked, compromised or deactivated.

The text asks the recipient to call and divulge their card information.  This is a scam.   Never give out your card number, PIN, or other personal information.

White River Credit Union, nor our Visa Debit/Credit Card Processor fraud department would never ask for any personal or card information.

If you have received one of these text messages please disregard it. If you did call the purported secure phone number and divulged any personal information, please contact us immediately so that we may block your card.

To block your White River Credit Union Visa debit or credit card, please call 360.825.4833 during business hours, or afterhours (24/7) you may call 1.800.682.6075.



Heartbleed Bug Notice

In regards to the Heartbleed situation, we have verified that our servers do not use the affected OpenSSL. As always, member account security is a top priority and we are monitoring the situation closely.

Come in and vote

It’s Board of Director and Supervisory Committee election time here at White River Credit Union, and we would like to remind you of one of the many benefits you receive as a White River Credit Union member – voting rights!

Because White River Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution, you as a member have a voice on how your credit union is governed.

Voting Eligibility:

  • Must be a White River Credit Union member for at least three months
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must hold one share in White River Credit Union (savings account in good standing with a minimum balance of $25)

Come in and vote between April 11th – 18th.

Thank you for your membership and for taking an interest in the decisions that affect White River Credit Union and you.

Before You Kick the Tires

Before you shop for your next car, check with White River Credit Union. We can outfit you with money to plunk down and with information to help you get the best deal.

One of our loan officers will be happy to sit down with you and come up with a preapproved line of credit to buy that next vehicle. We’ll even do that over the phone and online. That takes some of the pressure off when bargaining begins at the dealership. You can tell the salespeople you have cash.

If you have a car to trade in, the loan officer can show you what it’s worth. Our price guides show wholesale, retail, and finance values. Dealers usually allow a wholesale value on your trade-in and then offer it for sale at the retail value.

Armed with cash and confidence, you can start your search for a new vehicle. Find the make and model with the features you want. Jot down the features and their prices; you’ll need them later. Ask the salesperson for the best cash price with and without a trade.

Then compare those prices with one or two more dealers. (Some shoppers do this by phone.) Here’s where you need to know what the features are worth. Rarely do two cars have identical features. If one dealer is higher priced but more convenient to you, see if the “convenient” dealer will match the lower offer.

Your final decision is whether to trade in your present car or sell it yourself. A warning: Rarely will you or the dealer get the retail value, unless your car is in exceptional condition or a popular model. Expect to sell it for the financing value, in which case it’s up to you to decide whether its worth the hassle of selling it yourself