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Chatbot Services

Get help navigating our services, even while we sleep! Open the White River Credit Union skill from Amazon Alexa, Facebook messenger, or Google Home. What is the virtual assistant? It’s a chatbot, computer software that understands simple questions and can provide you with the answers you need. The more questions it gets asked, the more it learns, and the better it will get at helping you out! It’s safe and secure to use, and you can send written messages through the Facebook messenger app, or talk to it on Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Bonus: The White River CU virtual assistant is also available on SMS! You can connect with us through text. Just text (802) 552-8383 to chat with the White River virtual assistant to learn about our services, general financial knowledge, and more! For additional instructions, click the button below.

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Now live! Log in to your Online Banking account to access our new budgeting, expense tracking, and debt management tool which is free to members. 



Log in to your Online Banking account to see a Demo of our new Bill Pay program! If you have not already created a Online Banking login & password, give us a call at 360-825-4833 ext.5 for assistance.


Take the hassle out of payday by having your paycheck automatically deposited into your White River Credit Union account. If you are receiving Social Security or other regular deposits, they can also be automatically inserted into your account through Direct Deposit.

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KEY Benefits

Paychecks deposited automatically to your account

Deposits are made even if you’re out of town


Pay Yourself First With Payroll Deduction!
Use Payroll Deduction to transfer money for your paycheck to your savings or checking accounts or make your loan payments. It’s fast and automatic. And you’ll be surprised how quickly your savings will grow with regular deposits. Payroll deducted loan payments also ensure that you will never be late on a payment again.

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KEY Benefits

Transfers go where you direct

Your transfers and payments are made even if you are out of town

You can transfer funds to a number of accounts

You pay yourself first


There’s an App for that!
Face ID and Touch ID enabled Android and iPhone Apps are available for our members to use. We know that our members need immediate and secure access to their accounts, and the FREE White River Credit Union Mobile App provides both. Members are able to access and manage their money from virtually anywhere at any time.

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Take control of your WRCU Debit/Credit Cards with MyCardRules, an easy-to-use, free mobile app that lets you set card controls, add restrictions and receive transaction alerts.

  • Notifications and Alerts so you know instantly when your card is used
  • You decide when, where and who uses your cards
  • Set transaction limits based on your preferences, including dollar amount, transaction type and specific regions.
  • Set parental controls and monitoring
  • Safe and secure

After you download the MyCardRules app, select “New User” and then add your multiple White River Credit Union Debit and/or Credit Cards to begin registration.

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A powerful and engaging financial mobile app that will change the way you feel about financial management.  MoneyMobile’s award winning design makes managing money not only easier and more convenient – but a lot more enjoyable and exciting as well.

Available for free on your App Store


Have your money transferred automatically, you choose the amount and time.

Use non-WRCU cards to make a WRCU loan payment or deposit

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  • Send check via snail mail to PO Box 35 Enumclaw, WA 98022-0035
  • Electronic Payments. Call us at (360) 825-4833 option 6 then 4
        • Recurring payments from another financial institution (free)
        • One-time payment from another financial institution (fees apply)
        • VISA debit/credit (fees apply)
        • Bill Pay
  • Make a payment at the Credit Union (we love seeing our members!)
  • Transfer from your White River Credit Union account 

To make payments or deposits with your non-WRCU credit card, please use form below:



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