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about us


White River Credit Union began in 1952 in a metal box on top of a filing cabinet in the office of the Weyerhaeuser White River Mill. Unlike other financial institutions, White River Credit Union is owned by you, the individual member. You, as a member, elect the Board of Directors and have a say in how things are run. And, since there are no stockholders, you share the profits.

Year after year, WRCU has been voted Enumclaw Courier Herald’s “Best Financial Institution on the Plateau” winner. Thanks for your continued support. Our wonderful members are who puts a smile on our face and keeps us silly, makes us dig deeper, and the number one reason why we like to keep things more interesting here.

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Core values

Provide ridiculously exceptional service

Be honest and compassionate 24/7

Create fun with a dash of quirky

Support each other with positivity, teamwork, and jest

Immerse ourselves in our community with pizazz

Board of Directors

  • CHAIR Gary McGillivray
  • VICE CHAIR Wendy Walker

Board Members

  • Linda Barnes
  • Dennis Devlin
  • Pete Kirchner
  • Pat Kollen
  • Quin Koplitz
  • Dave Magstadt
  • Jamie Osborn

Supervisory Committee

  • CHAIR Jessica Norris
  • Lee Johnson
  • Kevin Seymour

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what our members say

“At WRCU I get a more personalized, one-on-one service. Even when I travel it’s still easy to use WRCU with no atm fees.”


“Go to White River Credit Union and you will find smiling, qualified, friendly, and helpful people anxious to serve you. Whether I’m going through the drive-thru or going in, whoever helps me always welcomes me with a smile and calls me by my name.”


“WRCU was very helpful in getting the answers we needed. After we applied for our loan, she was very prompt to get any information we needed. We appreciated all that was done by WRCU to process our loan.”


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