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Batter up! As a member-owner of White River Credit Union, you elect the volunteer Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members, who are responsible for guiding the strategic success of your credit union. Due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, the 2021 WRCU Elections will be conducted electronically. Access to the internet is required in order to cast votes electronically.

Please take a moment to review the candidates on the ballot. Voting will open on April 9th.

Annual Membership Meeting will be held April 16 at 5:00 p.m. as an abbreviated audio-only event.


2021 Board of Director Candidates

Three members will be elected to the Board of Directors for a 3-year term.

Gary McGillivray

Board Incumbent

Member since: April 1999

My daily gig: Family and work.

How you spend your down time: F3 workouts, chess, and more family time.

Why do you want to volunteer: To be part of a community and to serve and give back in some matter.

Linda Barnes

Board Incumbent

Member since: April 2017. However, I’ve been doing business with White River Credit Union for over 17 years, when I helped my father set up a membership.

My daily gig: My daily gig includes working in the software industry as a major incident manager, focusing on customer service and support for Microsoft.

How you spend your down time: During my down time I enjoy working on my home and property, located in Enumclaw, removing invasive plants, replacing them with native trees, and maintaining or developing the landscaping. If the weather isn’t inviting, I stay indoors and use my knitting skills to create gifts for friends or local non-profit organizations.

Why do you want to volunteer: To continue as a White River Credit Union board member, volunteering.

Peter Kirchner

Board Incumbent

Member since: February 2012

My daily gig: Retired and now working full-time taking care of our farm and our gardens.

How you spend your down time: Farming and gardening are 365 days a year “Labor of Love.” I also love to tinker with my classic/antique trucks. I’m looking forward to spending time with family and grandchildren and especially the great-grandchildren!

Why do you want to volunteer: I have lived in the Enumclaw Community for 43 years and love it more than ever! We love WRCU, the best community financial institution. This is another way to serve the Enumclaw family.

2021 Supervisory Committee Candidates

One member will be elected to the Supervisory Committee for a 3-year term.

Jessica Norris

Supervisory Committee Incumbent

Member since: September 1998

My daily gig: CPA

How you spend your downtime: Traveling and hiking with my husband and dog.

Why do you want to volunteer: I love being able to use my knowledge of credit unions to give back.


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